2D Animation

Want to showcase your skills and creativity in this world by creating 2D Animation elements and games. But don’t know where to get trained and where to join in Chennai. Then don’t worry, JPA Solutions has got you Covered.

At JPA Solutions, you will learn how to master 2D Animation designing and modeling with an advanced training program in a user-friendly tone. This specialized course of 2D Animation training in Chennai provides you with the knowledge. That is needed to kick-start your career in your dream role of the designer in today's modern world.

In addition to that, you will learn about the 2D Design Concepts that are helpful to master 2D Animation designing. If you are striving to know more about the 2D Animation? And it's career opportunities? Then you can get to know about them right below:

  • What is 2D Animation?
  • Career Opportunities for 2D Animation?
  • What you will learn in this training?

What is 2D Animation?

The animation is the most exciting thing in this modern world. Here 2D Animation refers to a process in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images but only in two-dimensional artistic Space. The work in this 2D Animation often requires creativity and technology skills just to design moving 2D objects. This 2D computer animation is mostly used in the applications that are developed from traditional printing and drawing technologies such as technical drawing, typography, advertising, cartography and so on.

Points to Remember:

  • 2D Animation is mostly based on a two-dimensional model such as text, digital images, and 2D Geometric models and so on.
  • Two-dimensional models are mostly preferred just because they give more design options then 3D computer animation.
  • 2D Animation is started in the late 1950s, and it is based on the principle of vector graphics devices.
  • The PostScript Programming Language and X windows System protocol are the genuine landmarks developments of this 2D Animation field.

Career Opportunities:

The animation is, in fact, the best paying career option in this modern world. By learning 2D animation, you can quickly earn more dollars per hour just by showcasing your skills. Along with that, you can grab incredible jobs in the best animation companies all around the world. As the graph of animation is on the rise, you will never fall down without acquiring any job. You can do jobs such as 2D Animation Designer, Animator, Graphics designer and so on.

What you will learn:

2D Animation Training in Chennai:

We've carefully built this program by keeping young and aspiring 2D animation designer in mind who are striving to get their designing career underway. So, we have added all the perfect real-world skills and techniques in this course just to make sure this has everything.

Introduction: In this course, you will learn all the core concepts and history of Animation. Apart from that, you will discover an absolute difference between 2D, 3D and 4D animations.

Character Design: You'll learn how to design new characters from scratch to advanced tactics which are useful to create a unique character.

Life Drawing techniques: Drawing techniques are always vital in any creating. So, you will learn how to draw the character perfectly with all the basics of drawing.

Digital Animation: In this course, you'll be learning about the 2D animation programs and softwares which are used to create digital animation.

Flash: Learn about the flash and why it is useful in 2D animation. You will also learn about the history of flash and how it has evolved.

Adobe Flash: In this course, we'll help you to design characters and animation objects in the Adobe Flash player.

Toon Boom Animation: Toon Boom is one of the best animation software you have to learn to get hired in professional animation companies. So, you will learn about the Toon Boom software from scratch to advanced in this course.

We strive we are building this curriculum to help you and make you more efficient with Designing and creating 2D Animations. Join this Course and improve your knowledge and start having fun by designing some lovely 2D Animations.