If you are looking to efficiently, learn the most important design techniques and user experience techniques that will help you to make better apps. But don’t know where to learn UI/UX Professionally? Then don’t worry JPA Solutions has got you covered. JPA Solution is one of the best UI/UX training in Chennai. We have optimized this course primarily for all the developers who strive to develop apps with better design techniques and user experience as well.
If you don’t know, precisely about UI/UX and struggling to find out its career opportunities, then check out this content below.

  • What is UI/UX?
  • What are the career opportunities?
  • What you will learn in this training?

What is UI/UX?

UI and UX are two most essential aspects in the development of Apps. Usually, people always think about UI and UX as same, but there are completely different. UI is nothing but a “User Interface,” and in this modern world, it is one of the crucial aspects. Coming to the “User Experience,” it is much more significant than User Interface. It is vital for mobile developers these days to learn both UI and UX to develop professional and high-quality apps.

Career Opportunities

User Interface and User Experience are a big deal though these terms are often confusing for most of the people. But these days, most of the companies are striving to get these done just to improve their products. In this modern world, the UI and UX designers are like gold mine, and they quickly get some best jobs because both UI and UX are useful. You can get jobs like UI designer, UX designer, UI interface engineer, UX Engineer, UI/UX Manager, Developer and so on.

What you will learn in this training program

UI/ UX training in Chennai

This course is specially optimized for the developers who are striving to learn the most important design experience and techniques that help to make better apps. At JPA Solutions, you will be learning how to master UI and UX designing within no time. By the end of this training program, you will be in good shape to launch your successful career.

Introduction: Learn the concept and basics of the User Interface and User Experience topics.

User Interface Basic: You will learn about the primary user interface topics in this course along with that essential programming touch.

User Experience: Learn about the user experience topic and other aspects in this lesson.

Machine Learning: You will discover the topics of machine learning in this course just to get an idea about user interface topics.

Intro to programming: Learn about the basic programming that is useful in UI and UX.

Principals of Design: Learn about the principles of Gestalt, negative space, contrast, color theory and other aspects of typography in this course.

Graphics Design: You will learn about the graphics design and user-centered design on this topic.

Psychology and Cognitive Science: As the user interface is a challenging aspect, you will learn about the basics of Psychology and cognitive science in this course.

Digital Behavior: You will be learning about digital behavior just to measure digital aspects of User Interface.

Designing for Accessibility: You will be learning typical topics such as designing for Accessibility.

Iconography & Illustration: Learn about the iconography and illustration in this user interface design topic.

Data visualization: Learn how to do data visualization and other aspects of applied research.

Usability test matter: In this topic, you will learn about the usability test and other aspects of usability test matters.

These UI and UX topics help you to enhance your skill set and boost your hire-ability through the UI Interface and UX Interface.