Video & Audio Editing

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You’ll be learning about everything about the video and audio editing in this professional training in Chennai. You can launch your career success with the help of our JPA Solution and climb larger heights in editing video and audio in movies and commercial videos.

If you don't know about video and audio Editing clearly and strive to know its career opportunities. Then check out this content you’ll know about these things:

  • What is Video and Audio Editing?
  • Career Opportunities?
  • What you will learn in this training?

What is Video and Audio Editing?

Editing is a simple process of manipulating any source of media. In video editing, you will manipulate and arrange the video snaps and shots. Wherein audio editing you will manipulate audio data just by using audio editing software.

In video editing, you will arrange all the video shots properly and attractively by using video library effects. Similarly, in audio editing, you can apply effects to your audio clips and make them attractive.

Points to Remember:

  • Video and Audio Editing is widely used in this modern world.
  • Most of the people add video effects and audio effects to the raw footage to make their video look beautiful.

Career Opportunities:

Video and Editor are in high demand. As this modern world is filled with video and audio content, you will never face any difficulty in finding the best job by learning these specialized skills. So, create your professional portfolio with JPA Solutions and open up the world of opportunities.

What you will learn in this training Program:

Video and Audio Editor Training in Chennai

Throughout this course, you’ll be learning about the basics of video and audio editing. Along with that, you’ll also learn how to use professional video and audio editing software’s with ease. We have carefully created this program by keeping all the young and dynamic upcoming video editors. So, we’ve ensured that you get some fantastic real-time skills in editing and creative designing.

  • Introduction: In this introductory class, you will learn about the basic editing skills of both video and audio. Along with that, you will learn about the basic concepts of Video Editing & Audio Editing.
  • Adobe Audition: In this course, you will learn about the adobe audition tool from scratch to the advanced topics.
  • Record and Edit Music: You’ll be learning about how to record and edit music in a professional way through the Adobe Audition Software.
  • Audio Mixing: Learn about the different settings and techniques of audio mixing to create incredible audio.
  • Remix Music to fit Videos: In this course, you will be learning about how to remix. You’ll also learn about how to fit remix music to fit video.
  • Enhanced Multitrack Audio Editing: Learn about the advanced multi-track Audio Editing and other enhanced tactics of multi-track Audio Settings.
  • Premiere Pro: You’ll learn about Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing software from scratch. This course will help you master video editing on Premiere Pro software.
  • Importing Media and Organizing assets: In this lesson, you’ll learn about importing media files and properly organizing them.
  • Editing and trimming videos: You’ll learn about how to edit and cut videos in this lesson professionally.
  • Using Markers & Masking effects: Learn about using markers and how to use masking effects in this lesson.
  • Adding Video Effects: You’ll learn about adding video effects to the videos in a perfect manner.
  • Manipulating Video Speed: This is often an essential yet influential aspect of video editing. So, you will learn that with ease in this course.
  • Color Correction: This is obviously an advanced topic in video editing. You’ll learn about that topic in this course.

Along with these, we’ll be covering other advanced topics such as working with stills, manipulation, adding titles, sharing and exporting projects, etc. So, what are you still waiting for come join JPA Solutions and get trained in Best Video and Audio Editing training in Chennai?